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Being a Cameronian involved much more than fighting. This exhibition explores life beyond military manoeuvres, using extraordinary stories from the regiment to explore the common bonds between civilian and military life. Love stories, amazing animals, sporting achievements, travelling tales and community links are covered by the objects.


Throughout the regiment’s long history, soldiers found themselves serving in hundreds of locations around the world. From the age of sail to the birth of the modern passenger jet, the transport used to take soldiers to far flung locations was often the same used by ordinary civilians. Cruise ships, commercial airplanes, cattle trains, and even London buses were all used to carry Cameronians around the world.


Affairs of the heart may not seem to be of great importance amidst wars and military manoeuvres. However, family and romantic relationships are deeply cherished by soldiers when they are far from home. Love has proven itself to be the cause for actions which have shaped the nation and the history of The Cameronians is punctuated with stories of great courage, honour and love.


Many people keep pets, but who would believe the motley crew to be found in the ranks of such a distinguished regiment? A donkey, a baboon, horses, cats and dogs galore, animals fulfilled the roles of friends, companions and fellow soldiers throughout the regiment’s history. Some animals belonged to individual soldiers; others were adopted as mascots and were “owned” by battalions.


Throughout their history The Cameronians forged bonds with the communities in which they saw service both at home and abroad. Since 1881, the recruiting base for The Cameronians was firmly located in Lanarkshire and the Glasgow area, where the 26th Cameronian Regiment originated. The importance they have in the hearts and minds of the communities they worked in is illustrated by the many ceremonial items presented to the regiment.


Sport was not only an enjoyable way to spend leisure time but also ensured that soldiers’ fitness levels were maintained. While some activities, such as boxing or swimming, built individual strength, sports like football or the tug of war helped to develop team working. Both regular soldiers and officers participated in sports – sometimes competing against each other or often against other regiments.

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