Browser options and versions

You can use your browser options to change the way our web pages display. This lets you change the text size on the pages, change the colour of the text or background, or use your own stylesheet instead of ours.

Screen resolution

We suggest minimum display settings for the pages are 1024x768 and 32-bit colour (Medium or Highest depending on your operating system). Please consult your computer's help files or supplier's instructions for setting your display options.


Our website has been tested to ensure that we support a range of browser and operating system combinations. The following browsers have been tested: Microsoft Internet Explorer v7.0 and above; Chrome; Opera and Firefox.

We will add more browsers to the list above as we continue to test.

Display problems

Some of the features incorporated in the site may not work with earlier browser versions that do not support cascading style sheets. Please consult your browser help files and supplier information to ensure that your browser supports these.

Translation to other languages

You can translate any page from our website into a number of other languages by using the free facilities on AltaVista, Google and other free translation services such as

These translations are usually understandable but not perfect and there may be restrictions on the volume of text that can be translated at any one time. For customers who call in person or phone, our public offices can arrange interpreters over the telephone through the Language Line service.